Stamp Pattern #4 Belt - Antique Tan
Stamp Pattern #4 Belt - Antique Tan
Stamp Pattern #4 Belt - Antique Tan
Stamp Pattern #4 Belt - Antique Tan
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Stamp Pattern #4 Belt - Antique Tan

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Details from the Bench:

Traditional belt made from Natural Vegtan double shoulders tanned in Tuscany, Italy, hand stamped in our Pattern #4 and hand finished with natural dyes and Neatsfoot Oil.

This leather is a very tight grained calfskin, tanned in the time honored Tuscan vegetable tanning tradition and will patina and age beautifully.  Expect some shades of darkening over time, unique to each wearer.


The 'Pattern #4 Belt' work details:

- Natural Vegtan Calf (Italy) stamped by hand

- Vegtan (Italy) Back which will also patina nicely thru time

- Width is 1 1/4" or 1 1/2

- MTO in either the pictured Antique Tan or Amber (as seen on Pattern #3)

- Thickness is around 5mm

- Antique Nickel Heel Bar Buckle w/ Molded Keeper

- Buckle set with Chicago Screws, meaning buckle can be changed easily

- Edges burnished, left Natural

- Stitch line is Fully Grooved (meaning stitches are set in, not on top as is typical)

-Natural Heavy (207 wgt) Thread

Time in Work Note - these belts are finished to order...please allow 5 days to ship


Belt Fitting Note:  We size our belts in true inches, meaning from the end of the buckle (NOT the strap) to the middle hole.  So, when we say 36" it is a true 36".  Our standard buckle prong hole pattern is 5 holes set 1" apart, so there is 5" to move on each belt (2" on each side of the middle hole), as desired.  The standard suggestion to add 1 size to your waist size works in just about all cases.  If your jeans are a 36, order a 38 belt.  Finally, while monogramming is available on belts, any belts we stamp are final sale.  If you would like a monogram, simply add the letters in the Note  at checkout.

Buckle Note:  I buy most of my buckles from either Buckle Guy or Stecks Store .   Customers are always welcome to browse those sites and tell me which buckle they prefer.