A Solid Belt -

There is no shortage of belts available on the market these days, but there is a tremendous variety of 'makes' - from the most basic one-piece strap with buckle to the more complex carved, ornamented, multi layer and stitched designs.  All have a place and function (and subsequent prices), but my own opinion is that the most 'solid' belt - the one that you'll grab the most often and for the most years before replacing - is on this build:

- Full Grain, Vegtan Face (cut from either the shoulders or the butts) at around 3mm thick

- Full Grain, Vegtan Back at around 1.5mm thick

- Fully lockstitch sewn in a channeled groove

- Burnished/Slicked edges finished smooth with friction and heat

- Wet molded keeper (when a heel bar buckle is used)

This is what we call our 'Model #1'...but we could just call it the 'Solid Belt'.  We buy Natural (unfinished) vegtan calfskin from a tannery in Tuscany, Italy, and then either leave 'naked' or dye/oil in numerous colors here - with the exception of Black. 

Check out Model #1

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