Everyday Belt Shipping Update

The response to our 'Everyday' belt has been fantastic - thank you All!  

We originally thought this belt would be a great gift item, especially for a couple of groups we have worked with, and decided to promote it as a 'Holiday' item.  Our local customers/orders were mostly just that, but it seems the vast majority of our on-line orders were personals.  And, based on DM's and emails received, some didn't catch the original making and shipping schedule that was in the listing.  Perfectly understandable!

I've decided to just ship each evening now, instead of 2 bulk shipments.  That schedule made sense when I planned to do all the Mid Brown in one run and the Choco and Black in the second run, but since so many ordered multiples we will just do labels each day as I run thru the work.  As some of you may have seen already, we got the early bird/event orders (placed thru the 10th) out this evening and, with daily shipments, most will not have to wait for the 15th!

Cheers -


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