Leather Stamping, Carving and Tooling

So, I've recently jumped into something I've always admired from afar but have been afraid to do - leather tooling/stamping/carving work.  Just like the painting and staining I have always done, this is still another challenge in a quest to 'personalize' the products I make and create unique pieces that may speak to my customers as well.  I don't really have a huge interest in the traditional floral & vine  tooling that most Western makers, or Saddlery Shops, create, but I do love the technique and am searching for my own 'vision' in the medium.  At the very least it's still another way to add interest, depth and character to an item and, at it's best, is true functional art.  The first items and patterns are available in the shop, and as I continue to build out my kit and skills, there will be plenty more products and patterns created!

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